Thursday, November 10, 2005

I don't wanna get sick....

So I got the flu shot about a week ago and have not really gotten the rest that you need to get after you get that silly little thing to stay healthy. Guard duty and remedial PT will do that to ya. I'm not really complaining. But I do realize that it sounds like I am . I just don't want to get sick and I can feel it coming on. I good nights rest should cure it. So that is what I am shooting for tonight after remedial PT.

Other than that nothing to exciting is going on over here in the sand. Well other than starting to get COLD. So for all of you who thought that it was nothing but blue skies and hott temptures... Well that just isn't the case. Though I really don't know if I would call in the 40's and 50's really cold but when you are used to triple digit temps, it sure feels like it's freezing out there. Work here is gettign pretty steady and there is rumores that we may start to pack it in pretty soon. But as of now they are nothign but rumores, so that means just go on like business as usual.

It's taken me this long, and I am sure that some of it is me actually getting sick and the fact that my best friend is going through alot back home and I wish that I could do more, but I have felt a bit home sick this past week or so. I know that I'll get back into the groove sooner or later. It just hit me that it's almost Christmas time... I am more than halfway done with this silly deployment, and then it's time to get home and get back into the swing of things stateside. That doesn't sounds like a hard thing to do, but I don't really know. After being over here for a year I think that it is going to take a month or two before I have it all figured out again. Oh well, it will be an experience and an adventure.

You all have fun and stay safe. I know that I am doing my best at doing both over here.

Love you all,


Thursday, November 03, 2005

What stupd people do.......

::::::::::::::::::::::WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE::::::::::::::::::

Oh my goodness do I have things to bitch about tonight. Well for starters the FREE MWR internet was closed down today because fo other soldiers stupidity and because they can't seem to keep their mind out of their peckers.. It seems that someone was on the internet earlier today and they decided that it would be a good idea to go surfing for PORN! Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with ORN but they shit that this guy was looking for was out there. I don't know who it was or I would state the name, however I have a daughter that is close to the age of the shit that this guy was looking at. Now this is the first time that I have ever heard of anything like that going on this close to me and hopefully it's the last. Cause if I ever find anyone stateside doing anything like that then I am going to string them up by their nutsac and invite everyone that I know over to treat this punk like a pinata. I am hoping that he isn't from my unit and is with one of the other units that here on the FOB.

Then after that I find that the pay internet is up... that is where I am.... I brought my laptop to update the stuff on there. I haven't done that in about 2 months. Well right as I was signing in and getting my laptop all setup to hop online. The server goes down. That isn't all that bad it happens from time to time. Well it's an old server and there are like 40 computers hooked up to it. That in and of it's self is a feat with the old SUN server that they have. Well this guy is on his laptop downloading stuff. 40 computers, 9 laptops, people killing bandwith by downloading stuff. And you wonder why it goes down. They have posted signs that tell you not to down load things onto your laptop and when people follow the rules then it really don't matter what ya do the server will stay up. But this ID10T (hehehe) as he is getting up want to look over at a buddy of mine and tell him "shit almost got it" . Which means that he can't follow simple instructions. I thought that you had to do that to be in the ARMY. Or any branch of the service for that matter. So there will be no more laptop hook up here for probably at least a couple of weeks. Which really don't bother me cause I very rarely use my laptop at the internet any more.

Well I better hop down off my soap box and get ready for PT. Remedial PT that is. I have a previous injury from Basic Training, stress fractures in hips, that has either flared back up or is in the process of it. But it caused me to fail a PT test. Oh well I'm not too worried about it. I'll be fine I always am.

Have fun and be safe back there,


Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treating in Iraq!

Well here it is All Hallows Eve and now well after midnight. For those that actually keep track of those sort of things. I hav had a decent day considering that I had guard duty since 4pm yesterday till tonight but I didn't have to go into work and had the holiday off. So I took advantage of it. I dressed up in my best Soldier costume and walked around handing out candy. Yea I know it's not really a costume and that's really a weapon that I brandish on my back, but hey I can pretend can't I. I do have to say that I got some of the funniest looks from people as I walked by saying "Trick or Treat" and offering them candy from a bag. I don't know if they really knew how to take it or not. But hey it was fun!

Ginna and I went to a quiet little clearing out by the Brine pond and welcomed in the new year with wine (juice box) and cakes (muffin). It was a nice little cermony though not big by any sence of the means. Just the two of us. But hey what can you do with such little time to prepare. The wind picked up a bit so insteadof candles we used Chem Lights to call the corners. Oh what a funny buch of folks we are. Though we did have to make sure that foks knew where we were so that QRF didn't come in blazing away at us. That wouldn't have been fun. I don't want to get all blowned up. Would not be a good thing and would break promises that I have made.

Well better get going. Have more happiness and things to do in the morning. Need to go to the TMC at 9am to see if I can get my hip looked at. It decided that it was going to flare up during the PT test yesterday morning. Happy happy Joy joy

love you all miss you all


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My friend made it here....

Ginna my friend from Colorado fianlly made it here a couple of days ago. She was prego when I left for Iraq so she got to stay back and do all the things that a mother would do for a while. Though in my mind not really long enough but never the less she is out here. Being that I had a rare day off out here I traveled across the FOB and found her today. She is doing well but missing her little one. I really can't say that I blame her for that one. Shoot I miss my little one an all of the other people that I have left back home. But we sat and talked for a while tonight. The basic catch up. She was asleep when I went hunting for her. She had guard so I know that she was tired. So she is doing well. I still can't believe that they sent her out here for a couple of months just to send her back. Oh well we all know that the army is weird.

Have fun you all and I miss you,


Sunday, October 23, 2005


You know that your in for a good day when you have a package waiting for you at the office. Well it's not really an office but more a place to hang out when we are at work... But non the less I have MAIL! It's not much just a few things that I asked my mom to send me and a few things that she put in on her own. Oh but I got cookies as well. Home made peanut butter cookies, and some Halloween Jask-O-Latern ones as well. Those were a nice suprise. I do have to say that no matter what is in a package it is just fun to get stuff from home. Who knows I may just be strange. Yea that has to be it. Well I'm gonna get back to work. You all have fun and I'll talk to you later...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Just when you think that your safe....

You know I would have never thought that anyone would want to spam a blog. I don't know maybe I think of this too much as a person space to be invaded by JUNK. Goddess knows that I carry enough of that around out here without having more being flung my way in the for of advertisements in my comment section. Telling me that "you have a wonderfull blog" and "I jus hit next blog and came apon yours and I know that you like music so check this out. " What a load of BS to feed someone just to get them to buy something that they think that you need. So needless to say I had to turn on the word verfication bit for the comments.... I didn't want to do it but after getting two different ones on a post from yesterday I was forced to.... That little guy that sits on your shoulder and gives you direction made me do it... But I don't blame him for that one. Well gonna run will write more later... Love you all and have fun.

Friday, October 21, 2005

A wonderfull day in .... well here.

So today hasn't been the best day in the world. Got up this afternoon... cause that is what time night shift gets up... and I got all my happy gear (inteceptor vest, should pads, rib protectors, kevlar, full battle load of ammo, camelback watering system, and medical pouch) lifted it up and got it on and headed out the door. It's not a long walk mind you just about a quarter mile to the guard mount formation... Did I fail to tell you that was 33 hours ago? Yea, ok so I head down to the guard formation point and pick up my NVG's. It's looking like any other guard day so far. I volenteer for DFAC guard. Something that I normally do to give the other soldiers a break from the longer shifts..... But I should have stayed on the towers. Some guy got in trouble yesterday and for punishment they decided to make everyone on DFAC guard wear their battle rattle all day long. Well that normally isn't all that bad. Then on the way to the DFAC to actually start the duty we find out that there is another point that we are having to guard and that we are actually guarding this point between chow hours. OK fine I'll volenteer thinking that, it won't be all that bad there can't be that much to it.... Oh little did I know. I do the first shift, regular chow hours and then a little break betwwen the next shift. Went by without a hitch. So off we go the second shift lets up and I have about three hours to grab a nap and get ready. I show up to this guard point, rested and ready to go. My and my guard buddy get there, we get settled and I head off to try to get us chow. It's not that uncommon to do when you have a guard point that runs through chow hours. So I get into the DFAC and proceed to talk to the nationals that serve us our food. This civilian guy pops out of somewhere, I think it was the hole that he was hiding in, and proceeds to tell me that chow hall ins't open and that he has to make 45 plates.. Ok so his 20 some odd workers have to make the plates for him.. Hey can't let them take a couple of minutes to make a couple of plates for folks that are guarding his facility... Aaaaarrrgh... And that is just the start. So I head back to this point and stand my post for 6 hours. Which all in all isn't that bad. I had a good guard buddy and we kept each other entertained for most of the time, so it went by pretty quickly. The SOG brought us chow and we had plenty of "Army Coffee" to drink. Blah! That stuff still sucks.... Well we get off that shift and straight to 3 hours of regular DFAC guard duty... So by the end of it 9 hours straight guard, wearing full battle rattle, and on our feet. Oh my aching back and feet. What I wouldn't give for a back rub! Oh well gotta run. You guys have fun and I miss you all alot. Will talk to you soon.